Kuzomen: accommodation and other travel practicalities

Guest house: Irina Mikhailovna Deryabina,  +7 921 709 7980.





















If you get stuck, call Alexei, +7 911 308 0311. His huge 3-axle ZIL truck will pull your jeep out of anywhere.


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Kuzomen: accommodation and other travel practicalities — 2 Comments

  1. Any information about the village of Ponoj in east Terskiy Bereg? Attached is photo of the Ponoj River. Vast wilderness.

    • Ponoy village is located 12 kilometers from the mouth of the river Ponoy. The ancient village, known since the 16th century. It was a district center in the Soviet era. Kindergarten, school and even a military airport was here. The village is closed in the 1960s. 400-year-old Peter and Paul Church burned down in 1989. No permanent residents at the moment. Used as a fishing base. Some of the photos here http://www.varvar.ru/kola/ponoy-selo/index.html

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