LaRussophobe vs. DaRussophile

The illustration is from an old Korney Chukovsky book about the animal kingdom struck with horror of a giant cockroach. The illustration, probably from the 1950s edition, shows wolves swallowing each other whole in fear-induced insanity. After a series of dramatic events all ended well however. A sparrow came and ate the roach, and the normal order of things was restored.

Both are focussed on current politics. LaRussophobe (same as DyingRussia) by the author name unknown whose passion is hatred towards everything Russian smacks of pathology but is factually correct most of the time. Please forgive “free fall” instead of “decline” when describing economy and similar exaggerations or “madman” instead of “someone prone to disregard laws and common sense” when talking of Mr. Putin, exaggerations are part of the local style. DaRussophile, that positions itself as an answer to LaRussophobe, claims “to expose western myths about Russia” and seems to be as calm and reasonable as one can be given the subject, and written in very readable English. It is a private blog and does not use vague phrasing of big or official publications that aim at the international reader. DaRussophile may very well be the best major body of writing in defence of Russia and its actions or policies available in English. I highly recommend both as background reading for someone trying to make sense out of the current situation.

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