Leviathan by Zvyagintsev, watch online, with English subtitles

leviathan-3The film was shot in Kirovsk and Teriberka, and it got a Cannes prize for best plot. We have already made a couple of posts about it. You can see this film now by following this link and hitting “Смотреть онлайн” button under the poster. English subtitles! English subtitles have disappeared. Any suggestions where to find Leviathan on-line with subtitles? 

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Leviathan by Zvyagintsev, watch online, with English subtitles — 5 Comments

  1. AFP, Agence France Presse news says it will open in Russia on February 5th. Where will they show it in Murmansk?
    They also report that Russian culture minister Vladimir Medinsky says the characters in the movie are not real Russians.
    I like pessimistic movies.

    • From here the movie does feel like a bit like a deja vu from the 90s, a somewhat unreal in nearly every way. “Not recommended” means close to “banned” because no movie theatre owner will want to conflict with the authorities. At the moment it is not certain Leviathan would be shown at all.

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