Life on the Line by Christian Barnett

“A unique book of portraits connecting and celebrating life along the Arctic Circle.” That’s how Mr. Barnett’s creation was announced.


Details here >>

It was recommended to me by a source whose judgement I respect although she is biased to things northern, a fascination I share even less after half a year here. Apparently this fellow somehow managed to arrange crowd-funding. I made a similar attempt months ago and haven’t got a cent. And not a single client. Thanks to the leftoever Moscow business I still manage to pay most of my bills. Envy is a bad thing but I’m full of it. If things don’t start moving by April is scheduled for public beheading.

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Life on the Line by Christian Barnett — 5 Comments

  1. It is that obvious that I my attitude to humanity is not altogether positive? I’ve been around long enough to know and understand but not long enough to accept.

    • re: Christian Barnett, LIFE ON THE LINE
      Another pompous, self-important travel writer asshole. Good reason not to visit any place he’s been to.

      • That was my immediate reaction. And in public too. So it contributed to my reputation of being a- and anti-social. Not the sort of image to be cultivated by someone who eeks a living out of travellers.

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