A job examples: Logging industry overview

A big story can be made out of it but in a nutshell this business scouting type project was to make acquaintance with local loggers and millers, understand practices and procedures, collect info on the equipment and employment situation, locate top industry experts, and to provide numerous field reports to the client till he was convinced to put his plans on hold.

The cost of my services was a but small fraction of what it would have taken for him to personally explore the scene. My participating may have well kept the client from importing expensive equipment that, if brougt in, would be of bsolutely no use under the circustances circumstances.

This project is a good example of how using me as your hands, feet, eyes, ears, and even an extention of your brain may work. Almost real-time feedback from the field and a fraction of the cost of actually being here. I do the preliminary exploring. If the project has no potential you got your answer cheap. If it does, the way is prepared to make things easier for you.

Wind makes tunnels in the woods. Almost scary to contemplate the forces involved.

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