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lovozero_accomodThe next planned exploratory trip is to Lovozero, where the Bartosh family, the keepers of the Amethyst Coast shop, move for the winter. Now we are in the process of collecting info on Lovozero. The distance from Kandalaksha is 220km. Doable in one day but not easily. Also we want more time to check the place out, with Bartoshes‘ help if possible. So where to stay for the night is an issue. Here is what Alexandra has dug out so far:

koavas_lovozeroKoavas mini-hotel
Lovozero, ul. Pionerskaya 13
12 rooms, 500-700 roubles per person per night
Tel.: +7 81538 41515
E-mail: covas@covas.ru

– Telephone does not answer. Oct. 20/2014.

luyavr_lovozeroHotel Luyavr
Lovozero, ul. Pionerskaya 6
Tel.: +7(911) 3095422
E-mail: lovozero.hotel@yandex.ru
TripAdvisor reviews >>

– Out of business. Oct. 20/2014.


mu_lovozeroCamp “Medvezhy ugol” (Bears corner)
25km from Lovozero on the east side of the lake, opposite the village. Praised by Ludmila Bartosh. Said to have no access by auto, only snowmobile, boat, or helicopter. Moscow office: 1-st Pugachevskaya 25, str. 1, tel.: +7 (968) 568-55-85, e-mail: info@lovozero.ru. Their site: lovozero.ru. More herehere, and here.

GE DIGITAL CAMERA mu_lovozero_2 mu_lovozero_3 mu_lovozero_4


Camp “Yulinskaya salma”
Also on the east side of the lake, 25km from Lovozero, same access issues. Their site: www.lovozero.net. Email: usalma@mail.rutel: +7(926) 842-40-30, tel. in Moscow: +7(499) 642 8484. See also www.murman-turist.ru/catalog/salma/

yul_salma_lovozero yul_salma_lovozero_1

Hotel Nadezhda
A micro-hotel with up to six capacity, converted from an apartment.
ul. Danilova 21, apt.(?) 22
+7 81538 40309, +7 921 150 3124

– Apparently the only functioning hotel in Lovozero. 1300 roubles single, 1800 double. But booked for Wedn., when we wanted to go 🙁

Notes with our first-hand experience with some of these establishments are to follow.

Finally, there is a small but comprehensive article about Lovozero, in Russian, we’d like to recommend: rusrep.ru/2008/19/lovozero/

A private trip to Lovozero is available. The cost of a car leaving Kandalaksha, with an English speaking driver (me) is going to be $250 my fee plus $220 for the use of ther car (50 cents/km), thus a total of $470. A camper and camping equipment can be included at no extra fee. Capacity up to 3-4 persons.

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