Made it to Kuzomen

Almost free of misadventures. The only exception was the muffler that broke off while we were, already in Kuzomen, going through deep sand. No effect on the vehicle’s ability to move. Of the south coast of the Kola Peninsula attractions, I’ll share the impressions of our stop by the Chapel of the Unknown Monk, one of the key local saints whose body was pulled up in fishermen’s nets somewhere in the 16th century near what’s now the village of Kashkarantsy. The poor fellow never got identified, but fish was caught particularly well in the sea near his grave, and miracle cures happened, thus the status of “local saint” and a small chapel. In our stops there in previous years, we were delighted to see a donation box left undisturbed in this remote and unprotected place. Now it is gone, with the following instructions displayed instead:

“Don’t leave money in the chapel – theft. Bring it to the village church.”

Unable to make monetary donations people leave candy by the icons.


























Two changes in Kuzomen: telephone and the Internet now work almost flawlessly here, and all but one of the “wild” horse have been moved to Chavanga. The one left here – a male yearling – wonders around, apparently feeling quite lonely, and pesters people with a mixture of affection and aggression.



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