Massive Fall reduction of the rates for my services

snailTo get over the Fall stagnation, when the trickle of orders for my humble services of a guide, an interpreter, a driver, a fixer, or whatever, comes down to a near nill, let me try reducing the rate from the usual $30/hour or $250/day to $15/hour or $125 for the whole day!

Let’s apply it from this moment till the end of November, and see if this drastic measure will help in revitalizing my small operation.

Oh, travellers are welcomed to our fold-out couch at 1000 roubles ($15) per person per night, down from $20-25. Also part of the “Ukrainian crisis and consequences” sale.

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Massive Fall reduction of the rates for my services — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Pasha,
    Would love to come over and take you up on your offer, but it’s not possible at the moment. Love your posts and Alexandra’s photos.
    Regards from Kerrie,
    Sydney, Australia

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