If looking for a place to escape

Somewhere in Krasnoyarsk Kray, southern Siberia, near Minussinsk. The movement was prominent in the 90s, then subjected to a lot of harsh criticism in early 2000s, but for the last few years largely ingored by mass media.

Their official site, English version: http://vissarion.eu/en/

I heared about them regularly during the rural part of my life, and even met a few who travelled there. Krasnoyarsk Kray and Altay are two classic escape destinations. You’ll still find Old Believers and the like there. Also note, if looking for a way out, the Anastasia movement (main site, founder’s page in English). Is still around although it has lost a lot of it former vigour. Both Vissarion and Anastasia are full of educated people so English will not be a problem. The majority of followers are women, although often these are over 40 and not attractive (here I’m thinking of Russian bride seeker type travellers). These and similar groups require or strongly approve of vegetarianism. I’m all in favour of vegetarianism but it comes bundled with no boose and no swearing. To me something like Slab City would be more palatable for these and similar reasons. Once in a while I get an enquiry from those looking for a way to leave this world without actually killing themselve. There may be suitable alternatives in Russia, which has no shortage of places to hide.

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