Midway between Kandalaksha and Murmansk, 100-something kilometers north from Kandalaksha, very good highway as Nov. 2013.


It is burned out forest south of the North Nickel plant. Another association with “Monchegorsk” are gangland property transfers in early 2000s. Monchegorsk still servers as a reliable source of criminal news although these days they there is rarely anything spectacular. Mostly drugs and pedophilia (a campaign against these two in in full swing), scam, and petty theft.



  • Camp Pirenga on the Pirenga lake, sauna, boat rental, common kitchen, tel. +7 81536 70300, +7 81536 72406.
  • Camp Kislaya Guba (“sour bay”), consists of seven small houses on M-18 highway between Monchegorsk and Apatity. No telephone.
  • Hotel Metallurg, Prospekt Metallurgov 45a,  +7 81536 73445, +7 81536 74533, from 600 to 2400 roubles ($20-80) per night.
  • Hotel Gradservice, Prospekt Metallurgov 4,  +7 81536 72655, +7 81536 72652, from 200 roubles ($7) to 800 ($25) per night according to the 2009 price list.
  • Monchegorsk page of has 6-8 private apartments. Rates are in the 1000-1500 roubles per night ($30-50) range. The site is in Russian and you need to register to contact apartment owners.


“Coloured stones” museum, Prospekt Metallurgov 46, +7 81536 55338.

Stone museum’s site >>



More coming up.

See typical (stereotypical) photos of Monchegorsk at >> 

A prime candidate to for my Russian Misery Tourist (c) travel concept.

Two nearest major towns are Apatity and Kirovsk (pop. ~30 th. each).

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