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Internet will actively try enticing you into hotels Luyavr and Koavas. Don’t fall for it. That Luyavr is no longer we found out before the trip over the phone. Koavas would not respond the phone and was discovered in the state of utter lifelessness.
There is a large and conspicuous building in the center of the village – the only one suitable and intended to become a hotel but now in the state of neglect, and no definite info is available about its future. There are rumours – but no more than that – that in some time it will be a hotel.

At the moment the only hm.. hotel in Lovozero is so-called Mini-Hotel Nadezhda. Ul. Danilova 21, tel. +7(815 38) 40 309 and +7 921 150 31 24. 1300 roubles for a single room, 1800 double. Six beds only. If you need accommodation, book way ahead of time. We enquired a couple of days in advance at the end of October – not exactly the height of the tourist season – and it was all busy.
Other options are camps around Lovozero, around 20-30km from it, but that’s a very different level financially:


Don’t count much on cafes and restaurants. All the public feeding in Lovozero is represented by one “stolovaya” (“table house”) named, expectedly, “Tundra”. Finding yourself there during its opening hours involves a bit of luck.
Also, finding thia café may not easy. Go along the main street (ul. Sovetskaya, naturally), where the Saami Cultural Center is. All important places will be on this street. The café is almost opposite the neglected hotel.

Somewhere up there, on the tall porch, above the iron door, there is a tiny sign informing the public it can feed here.But food is cheap and service is fast and easy.

If you missed the cafe’s opening hours, stores without excessive assortment will bail you out.Speaking of food, the locals, when the subject of food comes up, always send the traveller to the store with deer meat. If that’s your thing, visit the store but there are two things to be ready more. First, how much and what you’ll find there varies greatly. It really sells local deer meat, so what it has will differ from time to time. Second, don’t expect this store, being a local attraction, to be on the main street with a conspicuous sign. It is in the back alleys and is not designated in any visible ways. The address is ul. Vokuyeva 34, surrounded by country houses.146
Same name, “Tundra”.


We walked in to get acquainted. Not much was offered at the moment. Here is an excerpt from the price list on the wall:

sausages, hot dogs – 350-400 roubles/kg
meat – 250 roubles/kg
half-processed food – 300-1200 roubles/kg
deer jerkey (the most expensive item on the list) – 1500 roubles/kg
Hope the above contributes to helping the would be traveller to Lovozero to get oriented.

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