More on Middle Eastern refugees travelling to Finland via Kandalaksha

Here is a fresh Vesti TV report on Middle Eastern refugees travelling to Finland via Kandalaksha:

It is in Russian but the key points are:

(1) Those with expired Russian visa need to go to court to be fined and issued a court decree that the migrant in question is to leave the country. (From other sources I gather this can be done in Kandalaksha.)

(2) Finnish authorities allow two cars per day with migrants through the Salla border crossing near Kandalaksha.

(3) Only two hotels – Greenwich and Pomor Star – accept migrants, of which there are about 200 in town.

(4) The cost of local support from the Murmansk airport to the border crossing is said to be $1500+

Hope the above helps those interested in the subject. Any questions about the local situation – please ask.

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