Moscow – first impressions after 2+ years away

Irrived in Moscow yesterday at 11:35am. First impressions after being away for over two years:

(1) Neatness and cleanliness leaning towards glamour.

(2) Huge police presence.

(3) A conspicuous number of Muslim-dressed people seen on Moscow streets.


(4) The traffic situation appears to be less of a problem than three years ago although this impression may be misleading as I arrived on Saturday, when traffic is not always high.

(5) Lots of bicycles. The colour of the season is white. And folding kick scooters all over not seen at all in 2013 Moscow.

(6) Public bicycle rental is all over, both in the city center and in the outskirts.



Bike rental points are marked in green


At a glance I, being a techno-peasant, could not figure out how the rental system works and how to pay for it..

(7) Moscow is now more pedestrian-friendly than before.

(8) The beard fashion is in.


(9) Electronic devices have replaced books. Hardly any books read by people in the Metro.


Let me use this opportunity to remind that for the next couple of weeks I’m in Moscow, and ready to meet in person anyone wishing to see me. Just write to or call +7 921 155 5432.

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Moscow – first impressions after 2+ years away — 3 Comments

  1. The young woman looks very attractive in her Arab hijab head scarf and beautiful dress.
    Your news about Moscow is good, very positive. That’s very interesting that Moscow metro riders now like to read books on smart phones.
    Heavy laptop PCs are just about totally over. Young people have never heard of laptops or wrist watches.

  2. PS. Two more:

    (10) Very little smoking on the streets.

    (11) Kiosks are nearly gone, and none sell beer, and no beer drinking in public.

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