The most northern McDonalds in the world

md_murmanskAnton Balaban reports it’s in Murmansk.

Normally I could not care less about there being or not being a McDonalds cafe in Murmansk or anywhere else. Now however, with signatures actively collected for closing this symbol of the enemy, McDonalds is once again more than a source of very mediocre food, toilets that are no longer anything special, or wi-fi that’s always promised but never works.


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The most northern McDonalds in the world — 1 Comment

  1. In Murmansk once again on Nov. 15 2015, and am glad to report seeing a billboard advertising McDonalds at two locations: Leningradskaya ul. 20/3 and Kolskiy pr. 113а. Seems that this symbol of the West is alive and well here in the north-west corner of the empire.

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