Murmansk region’s average income

Once in a while I get asked about the average wage or income, mostly by people toying with the idea of opening a business here. just reported that the average income in the Murmansk region for 2015 was 39 424 roubles, or just over $500 at the current exchange rate.

No official statistics for small towns separately but my guess is that for Kandalaksha it would be around 25000 roubles per month, or just under $400.

In small rural communities even $250/month could make an attractive wage.

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Murmansk region’s average income — 7 Comments

    • Thanks for sending me the link to Murmansk region vacations It does seem that the average wage offered is around 30+ th. roubles per month and if one looks in the Job Seeking section, those looking for work want 40-50 th./month. Sort of consistent with “official” statistics. Also look at the consumption situation: the number of new cars on the streets, the amount of construction, what people buy in stores. I’d say the numbers are, if not precise, then at least “credible”.

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