Museums of Murmansk

murmansk_xudRegional Arts Museum, Murmansk, ul. Kominterna 13. Museum site >>

The only Russian fine arts museum beyond the arctic circle, it features a permanent exposition “Russian Fine Arts of the XVIII-XXth Centuries” that includes a major graphics collection. The museum has a small sculpture section, a division dedicated to Murmansk artists, and a section on the practitioners of folk and applied arts: wood painting, clay toy making, bone carving, lace-making, working with birch bark, wood carving, and Pomor animal figurine making. The museum includes four exhibition halls, a music hall, a library, and archives.

murm_kraevedMurmansk Regional Museum of Local History, Murmansk, prospekt Lenina 90. Museum site >>

The region’s oldest museum, established in 1926, is located in an official “historic” building. The museum has 17 exhibition halls. In the Nature section you’ll find Russia’s only exposition of sea bottom, and a unique geological collection of samples extracted from the depth of 100m to 12km during the drilling of Kola superdeep borehole. The entire history of the region is presented in the expositions “History of the Region from Antiquity to the XVII Century”, “Saami Economy and Everyday Living in the XVIII-XIX Century”, “Kola Peninsula in XVII to beginning of the XXth Century”, “October Socialist Revolution, Civil War, and Intervention on Murman”, “The Region in 1920-1930”, and “Murmansk Region in 1945-1985”. The final section of this series is dedicated to changes in political, social, and economic areas from 1985 to the present day.

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