New: I’ve overcome my fear of Skype and am ready to offer Russian lessons

fearLast night I did my first English lesson via Skype.

I have to confess it was one of the first Skype sessions of my life. And it went much easier and smoother than I had expected.

That made one of those watching me suggest that I offer Russian lessons via Skype too.

Here I am, doing just that.

What’s best, being stuck in Kandalaksha, where prices are low, I can offer these at “provincial” rates of 700 roubles ($10) for 1.5 hour session, payable via PayPal.

As with English, the introductory session is free and involves no obligation on anyone.

Write to or Skype me at Uncle_Pasha_2011 to get started.

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New: I’ve overcome my fear of Skype and am ready to offer Russian lessons — 3 Comments

  1. Good on you Pasha! At those rates I’m almost tempted to pick up Russian study again! I shall think about it, though I too have a slight phobia to Skyping! 🙂

    • The point I wanted to make that Skype felt way more natural than I’d expect. How far have you progressed with your Russian?

      • I have been studying Russian on and off for more than 35 years! 🙂 My husband speaks Russian, it was his first language growing up at home. I have done classes, I’ve done the Skype thing, I did 2 months at Moscow State University and I have dozens of books (language books). I haven’t done any active study for the past 4 years. You might say, I’ve given up. I realised I don’t really have a need for it, my husband doesn’t use his Russian with me. I keep a hand in by reading what I can and listening when I hear people speaking. I’m planning a trip to Spain later this year; if it weren’t for that and my need to learn a little Spanish, I would seriously think about taking up Russian again. So maybe next year (2017) My poor brain couldn’t cope with two languages at once! 🙂

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