Winter tour to the Solovetsky Islands — 3 Comments

  1. Hello! I’m looking to go to Solovetsky Islands in February if it is possible. I saw this tour costs 29,500 which is out of my price range, do you know how to book tickets and organize a tour? I don’t speak Russian. Thanks so much!

  2. In the winter you can only fly to Solovky. Plain tickets start at 4400 roubles, or around $150 one way. Perhaps more this year but that’s the ballpark figure. Hotels are an equivalent of $100-150/night. Assume other costs to be twice what they are on the continent. Getting to Arkhangelk from Moscow or St. Petersburg is around $100-200 each way, depending on class.

    Buying tickets is often/usually a hassle. The easiest and probably the most economical thing would be to hire me to get you your tickets, make reservations, and monitor your progress. You can try contacting Nordavia, the company that flies there, or the Vaskovo(?) airport in Arkhangelsk. There are tour operators in Solovki, they speak English, try these but chances are they won’t respond unless you pester them. Or buy a day or two of my time, give me dates, orient about your budget and other requirments, and relax while I all that indispensable calling and reminding.

    But no, there is no easy way to just book tickets and go, and the lion’s share of these 30 th. you’ve been quoted is to make things happen.

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