Newcomb Mott’s unfortunate hike to Boris-Glebe

newcomb_mottNewcomb Mott, a successful book seller and a writer, once, back in 1965, thought it a good idea to take a walk around the Russian-Norwegian border. Here is what came out of it.

Newcomb MottThe story of Newcomb Mott’s border crossing and what follows up to his death in a prisoner train, in Russian >> and in English in The Montreal Gazette, Jan. 24, 1966 >>

Just another reminder that Russia is a country where you can easily perish for accidentally crossing the border, charged with piracy for climbing an oil rig, and unfolding banners with quotes from the Russian constitution makes you an “extremist”.

If I wasn’t making a living off you travellers to Russia I’d say – scream – stay out.


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Newcomb Mott’s unfortunate hike to Boris-Glebe — 1 Comment

  1. Distinctive features of a propagandist: we change the word “USSR” to “Russia” and, with an innocent smile, extrapolate all the Soviet shit on modern Russians.
    “Russian-Norwegian border” in 1965.
    This is how things are done))))
    PS. I beg your pardon my google english

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