Nick Baron, The King of Karelia

Karels have a reputation of people who’d strongly prefer to be left alone by Russian, Finnish, or anybody else. Yes, even you travellers. No overt aggressiveness but “get done and be gone” just oozes out of Karelian guesthouse and shop keepers who otherwise provide excellent service for the price.

Polkovnik-vudsl-236x347For those with an interest in Karelian history, culture, and especially the national mental set I recommend The King of Karelia: Col P.J. Woods and the British Intervention in North Russia 1918–1919, a History and Memoir by Nick Baron, professor of the 20th Century Russian and East European History at the University of Nottingham, UK. It just came out in Russian but the original was published in ~2007. At a glance it is the kind of story that contains the key to understanding Karelians and accepting their pragmatic grouchiness.

Photos from Antanta intervention in Karelia >>

Anyone wants to gain the preferred client status by sending me a bribe gift? I would very much like to get a hard copy of The King of Karelia, preferably in hard cover.

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