The Northern Military Fleet Museum, Murmansk

sev_flot_museumThe museum was founded in 1946, and is located in the Murmansk Officers House. It collects, studies, and stores weapons, flags, orders and medals, documents, military items, and personal belongings of sailors that served in the Arctic fleet. Also presented are models of submarines, ships, and airplanes. The museum’s exposition covers the period from 1693 to present. It occupies eights halls and consists of the following sections:

1. The birth of the military fleet in the North of Russia. Years 1693 – 1922.
2. Creation and development of the Northern Fleet. 1923 to June 1941.
3. Northern Fleet during the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945.
4. Red flag bearing Northern Fleet defending sea borders of the Motherland, 1945-present.

sev_flotMuseum employees do tours of the museum itself and of various exhibitions temporary housed by the museum. They participate in bus tours around Murmansk, Severomorsk, and the village of Safonovo, and will show visitors memorable places of the fleet and of the region.

The museum has hundreds of bundles newspapers, of stories of regiments or ships of Great Patriotic War and the after-war period. It has a unique fund of photo negative with nearly 30 th. units in it.

sev_flot_1The museum has two subsidiaries. One is in the City of Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk oblast, and the other one is in Severomorsk, Murmansk oblast. The latter is made of a Red Flag Bearing submarine K-21 installed as a monument to combat glory of submariners in 1983.

The museum’s director is 2nd rank captain Valery Gennad’yevich Chushenkov.

Opening hours:

9am-1pm and 2pm to 5pm daily, except Tue. adn Wedn.

Address: Murmansk, ul. Tortseva 15.

Telephone: 8 (152-2) 22-14-45

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