Of mites..

mitesRecently one of would-be travellers to this area expressed concern for mites, especially encephalitis-infected ones.

Thus a word on the situation with these disagreeable critters.

Officially they don’t live further north than about the middle of Karelia. There are isolated cases coming to local hospitals to take anti-encephalitis shots but they’ve been attacked by mites while travelling outside of the region. Further, in the neighbouring regions at least, only one of every 250 insects carries the disease.

Unofficially, however, there have been encounters with them. Our vet has shown us a jar with several of them taken off local dogs who picked them up in the woods around Apatity.

And the authorities assure us through the press that most medical establishment in the area do have the encephalitis vaccine.

So no, I’d say mites should not be too high on your list of things to worry about.

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