Off to a vodka-drinking session with local liberal intelligentsia

alko_2The subject of the meeting will be what’s to be done under current circumstances. To reiterate: it is a leader whose sanity can be doubted, a circle of yes men around the top dog, and a population whose support for an array of scary policies and actions is steadily growing. The view I’ll advance and defend in tonight’s vodka drinking session is probably not the most brave and honourable but these days, thank heaven, there are no girls I need to impress. I’ll propose and argue that the only appropriate reaction to shit in which we are sinking is to recognize that forces involved are beyond our scale, and our only duty is self-preservation. Keep low profile, stock up on canned food and medicines, have a cabin in the woods, arrange for someone to try to bail you out when you are arrested, keep your external passport valid etc. etc. Those heroically inclined may learn survival skills and try to make provisition to try to defend themselves. Not that the latter is likely to help, and my mentioning it is not to be construed as Extremism (RF Criminal Code blanket article No. 280, the modern equivalent of No.58 70 years ago).

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