Off to Karelia for four days tomorrow morning

The destination is the village of Chernaya Rechka (“Black River”) near Nilma. The village is famous for its remoteness, with no roads leading to it, and for the fact that most houses there are owned by biology professors from St. Petersburg and Moscow, one of whom we’ll be visiting.

During the trip I may not have the Internet access. If something urgent comes up and I don’t answer e-mail call me at +7 921 155 5432.

Back to Kandalaksha Monday, Sept. 12.

Here is a film, made from a drone, of the village:

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Off to Karelia for four days tomorrow morning — 2 Comments

  1. I notice not one car or truck, but lots of small boats. Building materials must have been brought in by boat or barge. I see electric lines, so they must have electricity. I bet the fishing is great.

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