Off to Kuzomen

On our way to Kuzomen with a stopover in Kashkarantsy. Of things unpleasant, it was road repair, with 10 kilometers of large gravel between Umba and Kashkarantsy. Of misadventures, it was a blown camper tire. If we lose another one we are looking into a serious adjustment of plans as the nearest tire repair place is in Umba, 100+ kilometers of a really bad road back.

Saw a fox right in front of us but by the time Alexandra got out her camera the animal had almost disappeared in the bush.

Made it to Kuzomen Wednesday afternoon. Not a single mushroom, and very few berries because of the draught. Otherwise, Kuzomen is the usual self. We are yet to see the horses but, judging from the number of hoofprints and the amount of manure they are still around.

Set up a camp. Glad to report that the internet here is fast enough to do Skype. Since I had several inquiries recently about visiting Kuzomen in the winter it may be a good idea to visit the village tomorrow to ask about the road condition and accommodation options in the winter. 







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    • RVs are very rare here. Had to look up “boondocking”. Most camping here is done boondocking style while staying at paid campsites is a very rare exception, thus no particular term for free camping.

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