Olenegorsk, “Deer mountain city”


A town of 20+ thousand, ~100km south from Murmansk, built around an iron ore mine in the 50s. A local transportation hub, with a railroad and a bus station. One can get to Lovozero or Revda by public transit only via Olenegorsk – I’m at the moment searching for a way to get to Lovozero without a car because I have an interpreting assignment there on Jan. 15th while our car is thinking of losing one of its wheels, and that’s what prompted me to write this note on Olenegorsk.

Here is a map of the city:Olenegorsk_mapClick on the map to open it’s larger version in a new window.

Both the train and bus station are next to the main highway (on your right).

Bus schedule >>  (tel. +7 81552 58674)

Train schedule >> (+7 81552 53567)

If you need to stay in Olenegorsk for the night, try Hotel Gornyak in the city center, at Stroitelnaya 38, mob. +7 953 301 0880 and +7 964 308 9094. Beds start at around $25/night and the cheapest room is around $50 as of now, with the exchange rate of 50 roubles to one dollar US.

Of things touristy there isn’t much unless you are into lakes and swamps, with which Olenyegorsk is generously surrounded, or into minerals, to which the local history museum is larely dedicated.

Another possible attraction is the Olenya (“deer”) Air Base in the village of Vysokiy (“high”) on the edge of Lake Permusozero 5km east of Olenegorsk, where famous TU-22M3 long-range bombers are based. These are said to often be seen flying over the town.


More may be coming up after I spend a few hours in this town waiting for the bus or train.

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  1. I don’t think it’s a good idea for Americans to watch the bombers. In American they cover up what they are really like quite well. Except when we were in White Sands New Mexico. It is a national park and a bit touristy but here are no motels, hotels, or places to spend the night. Normally you can camp out in the park. The reason is it also a government testing range. The last time I was there a big man with a side arm and a look on his face that I have only seen few times in my life said. “You folks aren’t from around here. Be out of town by sunset.”

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