Beware of outdated expectations

Kuzomen, 2012. The one getting kicked is, as usual, my old loser self

It takes 7-10 years for the local situation to make it to the western collective mind.

Kuzomen, August 2012. The one trying to intimidate and dominate the alpha-male of a herd of semi-wild horses is the old foolhardy me.

One of my recent clients developed his business plans on the assumption that Russia is a liberal inexpensive place with lots of underutilized and accessible natural resource. Fortunately for him he hired me, and I succeeded communicate undiluted and uninterpreted slice of life to him. So it all ended well: I was busy for a couple of months, and the gentlemen may have saved himself from a huge expense and significant disappointment.

All three of his assumptions may have been true 15-20 years ago but certainly not now.

Here is a Forbes article with some more examples of similar false notions >>

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