Permit to visit Sredny and Rybachy Peninsula for Russian nationals

..with contact details of FSB in Murmansk for foreigners: [June 2016: the form is no longer there and may not be required. Talk to me if heading there and I’ll give a call to someone there to check on the current situation.]. Applied on my own and Alexandra’s behalf and was given the permit right away. Off to Rybachi in a few days.


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Permit to visit Sredny and Rybachy Peninsula for Russian nationals — 3 Comments

  1. Hey,
    Thank you for this site. I was looking for info on the Rybachy Peninsula, because i think it looks amazing and i’m interested in the history of it. Is it possible for a foreigner to visit Rybachy Peninsula? And do i need a permit for it?
    Best regards, Markus

    • Officially you can’t but there is no guard at the entrance – the territory is only protected by a sign warning you foreign spies too keep off. To the best of my knowledge the only way to get the permit is by signing up for a tour with one of the local travel agents active on the peninsulas. These are,, and Or take a chance and just go, even though you’d be risking consequences (detention, fine, visa ban for a number of years)

  2. Hi Uncle_Pasha,

    I from Asia. I like to have a 1 day tour to Sredny and Rybachy Peninsula from Murmansk. Possible ?

    Thank you.

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