Polar Alpine Botanical Gardens

Логотип ПАБСИArboreum is one of the biggest attractions in Kirovsk. The establishment calls itself “the most northern botanical garden in the world”.

As of recent the Kirovsk Arboreum gained fame thanks to its director Vladimir K. Zhirov, an Orthodox fundamentalist apparetnly, who actively speaks in favour of “Christian taxonomy” and otherwise engages in activity that to you, a logocentric westerner, will not normally expect of a scientist

Although there are materials floating around making Dr. Zhirov look like an (_*_), a few fragments of his work I’ve encountered feel refreshing. One example is that plants are closer to the Christian ideal than are animals. The other one is that carnivores are a bilogical equivalent of theological evil.

The latest scandal involves limiting or severely restricting access to the arboreum’s herbarium. According to our in-house researcher and journalist, he is regarded a bad guy in the nature preservation community, his fault being the turnover from opposing mining in the Khibiny National Park to supporting it.

(See Barents Observer for a detailed and readable coverage of the road through Khibiny story)

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Polar Alpine Botanical Gardens — 4 Comments

  1. Perhand “a few fragments of his work I’ve encountered feel refreshing” and all that looks amusing to the general public. As far as other things go, there is nothing cute there. He is not only a petty tyrant but just a plain simple bastard and scoundrel.



    This not just the attitude of the nature protection community towards which you are skeptical (except your beloved pink-snoted Anastasia followers) but of the SCIENTIFIC community, including the most accomplished of scientists.

  2. Academic “collection” of species for university faculties is an out of control problem. An almost never seen semi-tropical songbird was trapped and killed at a springs in New Mexico, U.S.A. for the zoology department collection at University of California, Berkeley, U.S.A. . The professor suffocated the songbird to death while it was singing.
    Attached is photo of a European_roller, Coracias garrulous, bird which used to nest at the migratory birds wetlands at Adler, Russia. The Sochi Olympics village was built on top of those wetlands, and wiped them out.

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