Pomor gadgets 2

A coupe of days ago I posted sketches of Pomor and Saami sleigh from a source that was unknown at the moment.

Alexandra has found the source at rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4308104, and has reproduced the drawings in her blog. Hope she copied the .pdf file too because the trend of the day is to ban torrent file exchanges.

These are from Schultz A.J. Investigation of the Fishing Industry of Russia: Technical Description of Fishing and Hunting in the While and Northern Sea, in Three Volumes. Published by the Ministry of State Properties. Printed at V. Bezobrazov &Co., Saint-Petersburg, 1863.

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  1. Дима умеет. Все тинэйджеру умеют. Федьку попросить? Я пробовал, однажды получилось.

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