Pomor rowing regatta

On the 21st of June a competition called “Pomor rowing regatta” will be held in Malaya Pir-guba near the village of Umba.

2The weather forecast for June 21 for Umba is light or no clouds, with daytime temperature up to +14°.

The festival was held for the first time in 1998, and since that the rowing regatta has become a symbol of Umba. The event is organized by the Ter district administration and the Committee for Physical Culture, Sports, and Tourism of the Murmansk regional administration.

Participation in the competition is open to anyone over the age of 16 in possession of a wooden boat (karbas, flat-bottomed boat) or renting it from the locals, and who have applied to participate in the regatta, to the event’s organizing committee. Boats need to be registered, safety-checked, and have license numbers.

The program:

I. Race using 4-oar karbasses with 5 person (4 rowers and one helmsman). Start from the coastline. Distance 5km. Two circles.

II. Races on two-oar flat-bottomed boats. Two-person crews (a rower and a helmsman). Distance 2.5km. Number of circles: one. Start: the coastline.

III. Female races on two-oar flat-bottomed boats. Three person crews: two rowers and a helmsman. Distance: 2km.

IV. Relay race: 3 stages, changes at the coastline, helmsman stays the same, 4-person crews. Participants start from the coastline, row to the turning buoy, and then come back to the coastline where switch is made. One stage length is 2km.

The fee from participants from other cities is 300 (three hundred) roubles per participant. A requirement from the State Inspection for Small Vessels: safety vests.

Confirmations of intention to participate, with the number of participants and nomination, is to be submitted before noon June 20 2014. Registration of the regatta participants from 9:30 to 10:40 June 21 2014, ul. Sportivnaya.

Regatta’s organizing committee:

8 (81559) 5-13-60; telephone/fax: 8 (81559) 5-17-44; 8 (81559) 5-06-68;

E – mail: cfks-t@mail.ru; cfks-t@rambler.ru; osotkis@mail.ru

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