Post-apocalypses scenery

Making a film and need anti-utopian scenery? Kandalaksha and area may be just what you are looking for. Below are some random photos illustrating the sort of backdrops you’ll easily find here.

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Sure you will find these in and around Moscow but not in such variety and not in combination with wide open spaces. Kandalaksha offers quality seasoned decay that’s different from post-construction mess.

For surreal scenery I particularly recommend Kuzomen with its sand dunes, tombstones, and horse skulls. Kuzomen >>

Finally, a few from my camper that serves as a dacha, a summer office, and a hideout from household participants:

Come to think of it, my setup is pretty much in the same style. A beaten up old truck, with a stinky two-stroke generator as a source of power. Unreliable propane supply in Kandalaksha means 65 litres of the stuff, not standard 20. Washing in the sea or from the bucket. When I need to make a printout I hand-control the generator to help it put out enough juice to for the printer’s heater. Mad max type situation except the intensity of violence at this period of local history is low but if the trend continues we’ll see some bloodshed soon.

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