Project put off on the backburner will not be updated with any intensity/regularity. My interest in this project is down considerably. I’ve been working on it since June 2013. Now it is among Google’s top 10 but what’s the point? Not a single client. Not a dollar of donations. Not a single subscriber. Just no plausible reason to keep it up. The most I may do is maintain the site for a few months and then fuck it. Never before have I had so little payoff for such an effort.

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  1. Good to hear from you Pasha and wish I could take you up on your offer, but my moola ($$$) is spoken for this year. I have fond memories of you and of Russia, however I don’t think it is a safe time for Americans to be there. I always wanted to take the trans-Siberian train across the country with a few stops and side trips. I love the old steam engine trains. Past research has taught me that that is not ideal for a woman traveling solo and I don’t think I can enjoy the confinement of large travel groups.

    Russia is a long way from my home in Hawaii and the firm I deal with most of the time has several excursions in Armenia,Karabagh, Georgia, Azerbaijan & Svaneti. It was through that company that I was traveling when I met you and stayed in your Moscow apartment. Whenever I travel long distance I always plan to arrive a few days in advance of the tour to get my body adjusted to the time. Those few days are sometimes the highlight of my trip. I’m still enjoying cabbage like that served at the Pipe Factory cafeteria. Norma

  2. Вряд ли хоть какой-нибудь твой проект будет иметь успех, пока основной мессидж каждого из них – передать все оттенки твоего омерзения от того, о чем рассказываешь, и от человечества в целом.

    Эх ты… Нашел, на чем отыграться… Лучше бы позорища вроде поубивал

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