Recurring events in Kandalaksha and area

This summary of regular events personally known to us in the Murmansk region and Northern Karelia was prepared by Alexandra, who was prompted to do so by an enquiry from Finland, the author of which complained that no comprehensive info on local events is available, especially in English.

All the locations except Umba and Chupa are open to travellers from abroad. Talk to us if you need to obtain a permit to stay in Umba or Chupa.

Here is the summary of events that you can visit or participate in:


Yearly show/competition “Crazy chainsaw”, international in scope, usually held in the 20th of January. Sculptors create their works in front of viewers in 90 min. using a chainsaw.

The location is the city of Kirovsk, 130km north from Kandalaksha, or 212km south from Murmansk. No limitation to foreigner access. We wrote about this before:


“Stone Flower”, a yearly expo and fair, with international participation. The event lasts 5 days, usually between Feb. 10 and 20. Collection minerals and objects made of them, jewelry, folk art etc. Stone Flower is the biggest local event of that sort.
Location is the City of Apatity, in the center of Kola Peninsula, 150km from Kandalaksha, 197 south from Murmansk. No problems with foreigner access. See our report on the event:

December to April

“Snow Village”. A large structure made of snow and ice, its halls and galleries are full of snow and ice sculptures.

Location: the City of Kirivsk, 131km north from Kandalaksha, 212 from Murmansk. No problem for foreigners to access Kirovsk. See our earlier report on the Snow Village:


The International Saami Day, Feb. 6. Raising of the Saami flag, singing of the hymn, national games and competitions. An exhibition of works by Saami craft masters. Performances of folk groups.

Location: the village of Lovozero, 220km north from Kandalaksha. No problmes with foreginers access.


“Fish Face” ice fishing competition. The most popular regional competition in ice fishing, with over 50 teams from all over Murmansk region participating. One participant can use only one ice hole. Awards are given to teams and private participants. Also the first fisherman to catch a fish, the one who got the biggest and the smallest fish, the youngest and oldest of the parcicipants get an award.
The competition is held at the Medvezhy (“bear”) lake of the Umba river several miles from the village of Umba. No problem with foreigner access except to Umba itself.

The North Festival and Reindeer Breeder’s Day, every March in the 20th of the month. Reindeer and dogsled races, ski races, and national games.

The village of Loveozero, 220km north from Kandalaksha. No issues with foreigners attending the event. See

A championship on winter swimming, with international participation. Held in the 20th of the month each March.

Location: the City of Murmansk. No issue with foreigners accessing or participationg in the event. Our earlier report:


A big Northen-theme art festival in Murmansk, held every year in April under a different name. In 2013 it was called “The Nordic Days in Murmansk” and in 2010 “Days of Norway in Murmansk”. This year, 2015, it went by the name “Barents Birds”.


Summer Saami Games. A concert by folk groups and competitions in national sports: rope throwing, arbalet shooting, running with a stick, rawing, Saami women’s soccer. Beginning of June.

The Village of Lovozero, 220km north from Kandalaksha. No problem with foreigners attending the event.

Pomor Rawing Regatta. Traditional Pomor wooden boats are used in this competition. Any owner of a wooden boat who is over the age of 16 can participate. Takes place on Saturday in the second half of June. In 2015 the race is taking place on the 20th of June.

The Village of Umba, 100km south-east from Kandalaksha, along the south coast of the Kola Peninsula. Foreigners need to obtain a permit in advance. Our previous post on the Regatta:

Folklore Festival with international participation. Dancing groups (including line dancers), makers of traditional items, and workshops. Pomor cooking. Held during three days in the June 10 to June 20 interval once every three years. The last one was held in 2014 so the next is planned for 2017.

Location: the Village of Umba, 100km south-east from Kandalaksha. Lited access to foreigners who need to obtain a permit in advance. See our other post on the event at

Sailing regatta “The Kandalaksha Bay Cup” (inter-regional). Yaucht races in the Kandalaksha Bay. Held for 7-8 days at the end of June or beginning of July. Organized by the Chupa Marine Yaucht Club.



Between July 10th and 20th two events are held at the same time:

A conference “Natural and Cultural Inheritance of the White Sea”, with international participation. In 2015 it will happen from July 17 to July 19.

See our hearlier post about this conference.

The White Noise festival, also with international participation. The festival lasts three days. Rock, ethno, electronic music, craft fare, vegetarian food.

See The village of Chupa, North Karelia, Karelian coast of the White Sea, 140km south from Kandalaksha. Foreigners need to get a permit that’s said to be easy to obtain by merely notifying authorities that you plan to be there.


Open Championship of the City of Kandalaksha on Speed Biking, for the Nordshop cup. These are held on the Volostnaya Hill just east from the city using a 1790 meter track with height difference of 260 meters. It was held in July and September in the past. As of the moment the date of the 2015 even is not known.

The City of Kandalaksha, just outside of, 3km from the city center. No problem for foreigners. Our previous post on the event:


A festival of Pomor bread figurine. A faire of folk arts and crafts, Pomor games, songs, line dances. Pomor food. The atmosphere is active and relaxed. One day, 2nd weekend of August. In 2015 it will be held on August 16.

The Village of Kuzreka, south endge of the Kola Peninsula, about 120km south-east from Kandalaksha. No hindrance to foreigners. Our previous post on the event:


Regional off-road tournament “Arctic Trophy”, with international participation. A competition using various kinds of off-road vehicles, including motorcycles and quadrocycles, who do an 800km off-road tour of the Kola Peninsula starting from Kandalaksha. The event begins at the end of August to early in September.


Festival of folk art “Stories by Beaty Kanda”. Dance and choir groups from various towns and villages of the Murmansk region, a fair with folk crafts, games. A literary competition “Stories for Beauty Kanda” and a beauty contest “Image of Beuty Kanda”. One day at the end of August or beginning of September. In 2015 it will be held on August 29.

The City of Kandalaksha. No hindrance to foreigners wishing to visit. See

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