A collection of Russian road situations

My hits counter tell me you people are regularly searching for subjects relatd to driving in Russia. Also the note on Haruhisa Watanabe contineus attracting attention. 

Relax, these are not daily scenes, and they are now way less common that in the 90s. If driving daily, you’ll see perhaps one of these per month. A crop of overturned trucks after the first snowfall is common. We counted six during a 300km trip in November. There was a huge number of weird accidents in the summer of 2010 in Moscow but that was a case of mass poisoning, and I was among them, and making photos wasn’t the first thing on my mind back then, which I now regret.

What scares me is that these are not from bad or congested roads or poor driver training but from the core of their brutal Russian souls. It seems they just bump into each other as a sport sort of, as a proof of something. Or as a manifestation of death wish perhaps. If you are in youngster with a fascination with what’s piled under the term “existentialism” you may find the borderline form of life practiced here fun. I personally would prefer a boring measured small-town life someplace in mid-west America.

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