Ruins of the Kirovsk railway station

by Alexandra

kirovsk_vokzalThe station used to be a huge and luxurious building but presently is nearly ruined.

In 1931 Kirovsk (Khibinogorsk at the time) got the status of a “city”, after which for three years the construction of a huge train station was under way.

Kirovsk railroad station, 1939

Kirovsk railroad station, 1939

The structure was “typical Stalin”, with huge halls, granite lining outside and marble inside, bronse lights, and a reproduction of Ayvazovsky’s painting “9th wave” in the central hall. In 1939 the train station was opened, and it worked till the end of the 90s but in 1996 the amount of traffic fell sharply and the building got robbed out.  







Now it is a mere shadow of its former glory and beauty.

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