Russian attitude to USA

54% of Russians consider USA “the greatest threat to world peace”. Compare that to 16% of Iranians! The trend is back to attitudes that worse than in the Cold War. Source:’m regularly asked what Russians think of USA so I’m sharing the figure. Attitudes to individual Americans however still remain largely positive.

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Russian attitude to USA — 2 Comments

  1. Our (or Oleg’s, or mine in fact too) disgust with Sochi is NOT shared by western travellers to Russia. Part of my job is scanning travel forums. I don’t recall even ONE traveller questioning the ethics of Sochi. Hotels and tickets is all on their mind. Well, an occasional questions about safety. Most westerners come here for cheap thrills. The bulk of search engine enquiries registered on my sites is about prostitutes. The sad truth is that westerners are no less fucked up than anyone else. They had enough time to put their domestic affairs in order more than we did, and in turn we are doing better than Nigerian, and Niregians are ahead of sewage rats. But differences are of degree rather, not of quality. But look, we’ve go to write positive if we want to attract them dorks to this stupid land. I’m prepared to re-do the city description. Lots of superlatives. Kandalaksha is not just “between hills from the north and sea from the south” but “beautiful tree-lined hill shield the city from northern winds, and one can contemplate gentle northern sun setting slowly and deliberately into the white magic of the sea, as it does only in high latidutes, from just about any point of Kandalaksha”.

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