Saami crafts shop recently opened in Lovozero

News of the recent opening of the Saami craft shop/outlet named “Vuss” (a round-bottomed leather bag) in Lovozero, the center of Kola Saami, have reached me. Their shop both makes and sells things. 

Here are some examples of their deerskin articles:

For the moment they are represented on the Internet only by their Facebook page with very few photos, even fewer descriptions, and no prices at all. They promise to correct the situation soon and develop a proper web page, and give clients the option to mail-order things.

Their address: Ulitsa Sovetskaya 3, Lovozero, Murmanskaya oblast.

Telephone: +7-921-159-91-92


(If they don’t respond your e-mail enquiry, or you run into any other communication difficulties, feel free to contact me at

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