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Lest they get lost I’ll be adding my contacts in Finland here. Most of “my” Finland will probably be Saala, which is easily accessible from Kandalaksha.


Sallan Auto ja tarvike. Parts can be ordered and take two days to arrive, and can be installed right there.  The owner, whose name I cannot locate at the moment, speaks a few words of English and Russian.  The exact address is Kuusamontie 10, 98900 Salla, and here is a map of Salla. The phone number is  040 039 1488 but it is probably largely useless. E-mail is  I will soon be ordering a bunch of parts through Sallan Auto ja tarvike, with installation right there, and will report my experience. My sincere hope is that I’ll find an alternative to Russian parts stores and repair shops. No response, e-mails bounce, tried and failed to order an engine block heater.


Kola Extreme Safaris. I was lucky to have been introduce, by Vasily Ivanovhch, who makes wooden sleights in Kanadlaksha (LINK),to Reijo Iivari of Kola Extreme Safari. Reijo seems very knowledgeable of the scene, and speaks fluent English. DON’T BELIEVE GUIDEBOOKS – ENGLISH IS NOT COMMONLY SPOKEN IN RURAL FINLAND. Since I need support of someone like myself but on the Finnish side I’ll be making every effort to make friends with Reijo.  Watch for updates. Their site: but by some reason Google refuses to translate it into either English or Russian. E-mail:  No response. Perhaps they are not too eager to deal with someone from the Russian side, the one that made them suffer considerably in 1939. None of Finland people I’ve contacted about buying car parts or putting on this site, gave any response.

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  1. Там есть вариант сайта на англ. (флажки спрfва вверху). И переводчик-гугл прекрасно перевел мне с финского.
    И очень похоже на наших ребят (кстати, там на главн. странице фотка как раз северных оленей:))

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