Second lease

Marina Kalashnikova

I managed dupe someone into putting a considerable financial and an even greater human resource into and a couple of other projects. Now I even got a real journalist in my employ! She’s been secretely contributing an occasional article to my sites but now, with new generous financing, lots of stuff will be coming from under her talented pen in our renewed effort to take Kandalaksha and Area off the ground. The moving force behind all this thinks my concept is just what the world is missing, and my sites need to be pushed over a certain threshold to hit gold. He does not know that since I started seriously working on in June 2013 the project brought me a total of let me see.. $109.43 of business. I HONESTLY WARNED THE FELLOW THERE IS EVERY EVIDENCE THE COUNTRY IS OFF TO HELL BUT HE STILL WANTS TO LOSE HIS PITTANCE CREATIVELY SO I WHO AM I TO ARGUE SINCE I’M ON THE RECEIVING END OF THE BENEFITS. Oh well, I’m amused there are still types who think Russia is a place to make money and good things to happen. I was one of them naive suckers myself in 1993. Now back to the business at hand. Got a story to tell? Have a question about Russia, from everyday living, to travel, to the hottest and most controversial issues? Ask Marina! She will do the research and write the story just for you. Free. The only condition is that your request is non-trivial and the subject may be of interest to other would-be visitors to Russia. Marina’s writing is in the best traditions of modern Russian journalism, and her articles (just google her name and/or e-mail) privide an illustration and an explanation for many specifically Russian situations/phenomena. Write to or her personal address If the issue is urgent call +7 921 155 5432 any time, someone is on duty 24/7.

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