Senile logorrhea on the current Russian WTF

When responding a South African friend’s question to explain WTF is happening here I had a garrility attack and came up with the following diatribe that, perhaps, explains somethig.


…But I don’t want to be caught in events of the WW2 scale!  I’m too sick to travel to Magadan, and too frail to do years of hard labour. I hate any work that involves a rusty dull shovel. Included observation can be fun but not at that price. Watched the TV today, my once-a-week masochistic exercise. The intensity of propaganda is not quite of the North Korea level yet (yes, that’s another one of my secret perversions: watching North Korean movies) but worse than in the Brezhnev days. The degree of discortion is about the same as 30 years ago but back then it was done in a laidback cosy or perfunctory manner. Now they aim to stir emotions. And succeed. Every second car in this Kandalaksha zone (can’t apply “town” or “city” to this mess of garages, warehouses, and 5-story buildings, with a huge square in the middle of it and a tank at the center of the square) now displays one of these Colorado beetle ribbons. Even an alteration shop I went to yesterday sold two types of (made in China) Russian flags. The trouble is that for Russians the WW2 never ended. Nor did communistm. The war has always been celebrated here. But you celebrate victory if you want it to repeat. In Canada, from what I recall, wars were not “celebrated” but **remembered**. A war you don’t want is remembered, not celebrated. Russians, as a nation, as a collective mind, haven’t reached the rock bottom of the war. Of haven’t felt it. Germans did and had a catharsis. Europeans did and also got cured. Americans, being practical people, got therapeutic effect from a mere demo, without going total collapse. Russians didn’t. These famous long-suffering fools never reached the absolute low. It was sure bad, but not for them, not with their pain tolerance. There came out of the war ready for more, and are now heading there. Nor did their communism end with a resolution of finalization of some sort like a trial or some other form of repentance. First it was roaring flame, then just fire, then just smoldering but ready to break out when conditions are right, and here we are back to the “vertical of power”. The medical analogy is a furunculus supressed by penicillin, or a tooth with rot left under a filling. When hoof sole gets punctured it is absolutely important to open the hole and let blood flow, or else the surface will heal, and puss inside will find its way out in a much more destructive way – something I learned well in the horse days. There was a period in 1609-1612 when things got so bad that even Russians, sturdy bastards, couldn’t take it. Sort of a consensus was achieved, and the structure formed in 1612 or 1613 lasted 300 years. But 1917 revolution adn civil war and 1941-45 war just weren’t enough. Sure they where hell on earch objectively the collective brain turned these into “heroic” periods, and forced itself to ignore famines and purges and labour camps. Russia needs an absolute failure of the sort that cant’ be excused or attributed to circumstances like evil neighbours blah blah blah I think senile verbosity is here…

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  1. Привет Раша,

    Thanks for reminding me to talk about the morons I have to live with in the wonderful west.

    The largest part of the western population must either be totally ignorant, or live in absolute denial. They actually believe that USA and the western UN gangsters are the saviours of the world. Anti-Islamic, Russian, Chinese, etc, sentiments are strong. Capitalising on their control of multinational media, and Post-Colonial English speaking network of nations. The west is effectively selling its brand of insanity to its masses.

    The west have become the experts at editing news to suit their propaganda objectives. They are also quickest to point the finger at others, and avoid completely the severity of corruption that flourishes in their own backyard.

    Western allied governments are in serious debt, yet continue to send billions to USA and other western big bullies, for compulsory military spending. We the people never ask for it. I personally would tell USA to shove their bombs up their own XXX. Instead, we western allies, even send young men to die in foreign conflicts, all for the USA’s glorious secret agendas.

    One eyed, one legged, selfish, ignorant, TV watching parrots, who are in total denial. That’s what they have made us.

    How does a random taxi driver in Semi-Rural Russia understand my criticism of Western crimes, despite my extreme handicap with the Russian language? And ‘highly educated’ westerners still see Russia as the everlasting archenemy?

    A little more extremely rare western views:

    Single and available. Looking for a wife, and have a soft spot for Russian and Ukrainian women.

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