Making a few kopecks out of you

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So, how can you get me to enhance your Russian experience? Here are a few examples:

  • Advice and general information about travelling, working, and living in Russia. This kind of assistance is provided free as a public service.
Well-formulated questions will receive better answers. "Tell me about Vologda" or "Do you think I should spend my vacation in Russia or France?" taken alone are examples of questions that will be ignored although I reserve the right to snap back. Context and background are essential!
  • Trip planning, with focus on active independent budget trips. Usually done at no extra fee to those likely to secure my services.
  • Visa support and registration.
  • The camp includes two tents, one bicycle, internet (note the tall aerial), 220 volt power supply, a warm toilet etc. etc. to make working in the field as comfortable as in a well equipped office.

    The camp includes two tents, one bicycle, internet (note the tall aerial), 220 volt power supply, a warm toilet etc. etc. to make working in the field as comfortable as in a well equipped office.

    I can act as your driver, guide, or interpreter. My involvement will spare you the need to plan in advance. You’ll be able to travel local style with all the fun and savings that implies.

  • I can provide a camper and a variety of camping equipment to those looking for an opportunity to freeze their butts off and to feed mosquitoes an immersion experience. Setting up comfortable living and working environment in the middle of nowhere is one of many things I can do well.
  • My true value however is in acting as your eyes and years, hands and feet, and even an extension of your brain. Information searches and scouting beyond the obvious is where you can get the biggest bang for the buck from me. Some examples: locating scenery and personages for film makers, industry information, or even assistance to Russian bride seekers. Talk to me if you need a fixer.
  • Geography: Kandalaksha and area, Moscow of course, and Staritsa, Tver region, where I spent nearly 10 years. I still have active contacts in Moscow, Staritsa, and Ryazan, and my acquaintances are well-connected too. Ask about the area that interest you but my familiar territory now is between Moscow and Murmansk. 
  • Web development has been at the core of my business from about 1996, and now, 17 years later, it occurred to me that I’m better equipped to provide all-around site support than many computer kids. In fact, I should probably make a separate page about site setup, development, and maintenance. Here >>

begging-catReasonable hourly, daily, per job or retainer fees. The base rate is $25/hour, with three-hour minimum. Examples: $50 for an errand that takes around one hour, $250 for a delivery to town 50 miles away, $1000/month for 2-3 hours of work daily. “At cost” (fuel x 3, or 50 cents/km) use of the vehicle. Payment by cash or PayPal. During low season I regularly announce “specials”. Offers welcomed.


  • Examples of jobs
  • My CV
  • My FORUM, where you’ll find some feedback from people I’ve helped with whatever it was that brought them here.  (If appropriate I’ll recommend a former client with needs similar to yours so you can assess my suitability for the job.)
  • Client feedback page

See also Categories > Pasha’s corner > Services

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Making a few kopecks out of you — 7 Comments

  1. Dear Sir
    Can you direct us to any dachas in and immediately around St Petersburgh which now offer accommodation – we want to stay somewhere like this rather than the usual (ghastly) corporate hotel a few weeks in late Spring this year.
    Thank you for any help you can offer.
    Simon Ranger

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