Site-admin with us again. Almost.

Thanks to all who shared my concern!

It turned out well. Pasha spent half of the day pulling our neighbors out of snow on the old Luvenga road. The rest of the day went into threesome drinking (на троих), Russian style, to celebrate the happy resolution of the situation. Then, next day,


Tuesday, Pasha was contemplating subtle charms of Russian living, alone in a camper by the Luvenga bay, sober and unwilling to condescend to worldly matters like updating others about the situation but free from his usual depression. “На троих” has strong therapeutic properties and in this land serves as popular psychotherapy. All well now. He is still in Luvenga under the excuse of needing to watch Vasyvanach’s workshop while V. is away to St. Peters. A major spanking session is awaiting him on return to Kandalaksha,  which is likely to happen tomorrow.

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