Two more web jobs added to the list of examples

One is restoring a site out of fragments and an old backup copy I wisely held, contrary to instructions, in anticipation of my client freaking out changing their (gender-neutral pronoun used on purpose, contrary to my usual style) mind. I confess I am almost proud of myself for being able to think ahead even of greater minds who hire me. A simple job, just moving massives of data around, but I’m adding it to the list as an illustration of how I relate to clients, not of my technical competence.

The one one is removal of malware. I’d rather pay someone who does it day in and day out, especially when budget has this type of expense built in, as is the case here. But by some reason outfits that promise to do the job just don’t respond. It’s been over 24 hours since I contacted the famous and even made a payment. Not a word from them. Last time malware happened, three years ago, I went through at least half a dozen outfits who declared themselves as virus and malware experts before finding one what did part of the job. The rest I did manually. Just locating and removing fragments of code. No fun. Looks like things haven’t improved much since 2011.

A list of typical web related jobs I do is here >>

All job examples are supposed to pile up in Pasha’s corner > Services > Examples

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