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Talk to me about your site maintenance needs. I’ve been mucking around sites since ~1997 and have picked up some skills you can benefit from.  My involvement can be the solution to your internet-related headaches, from taking care of registration and making hosting arrangements to site and content management and even providing initial response to client enquiries. Some highlights of my internet expertise:

Bullet-proof static sites. These require no host resource worth mentioning, are easy to backup and transfer, and need very little or maintenance.  These are direct analogue to paper. All you need may be this this 1990s technology. Talk to a living relic like me if all you need is a simple static site that will take a second to load on $5/month hosting, and will go without maintenance for years and decades.

Some examples >>

WordPress. I’ve started my Great WordPress Struggle, damn be the day I heard the name, in the fall of 2011. Now, three years later, I can say I’ve learned by way around this platform. If you need a site that can be easily maintained by several people, allows visitor feedback, and has currently fashionable bells and whistles, talk to me.

Content and visibility.  I can monitor, edit, or develop your content from scratch, participate in forums on your behalf, send out news and updates to site subscribers, and otherwise keep your site alive. Please note the visibility of some of my sites and projects. It was achieved with no gaming whatsoever,  only by keeping pages active and relevant.

Knowledge of the scene. Over years, and especially with the transfer to resource-intensive WordPress, I had to change hosts till I found one capable for offering reliability, speed, and especially support at an appropriate price. In the process of learning WordPress I also hired several consultants to help me get started.  I know where to look for information and support when I cannot myself resolve an issue.

Static HTML to WordPress transfer. Before embarking onto the WordPress adventures I developed several large sites. The challenge was to extract the best fragments and to put them into WordPress format but without losing rating and hits received by old static pages. Talk to me if you need to transfer a site from HTML to WordPress. Or the other way around.

Consulting and support. I can help you get started, answer questions, share my opinion on structure and taxonomy, and do a usability review. You can do most of the work yourself but if and when needed you can count on my help.

Some examples >>

Look at my sites to get an idea of what I can do. Yours of course will be “cleaner” and more focused, an advantage of doing a project for someone else who supplies clear goals and objectives. Start with the main index, or look at, which is my most active project as of November 2013.

The arrangement I recommend is a static entry page, a separate blog, and a separate forum. Even if there is a problem with WP the front page of your site will still be visible. Also, in my experience, free-standing forums are more reliable than WP plugins. This structure was implemented at my recent project

Costs? Meaningful work can be done for $100 per month. This amount will cover hosting in one cluster with my sites, frequent human monitoring, and problem resolution. For $5000 per year we can discuss complete maintenance of a simple site.  When estimating the cost of a project I take $30 as my hourly rate.

Disclaimers. I’m no programmer. I don’t like frills, and too much colour, especially in motion, throws me into stupor. I failed to keep up with the trend to be “client oriented”. That is, I will only do what I like for people whose aims I share. But I can take a lot of frustration out of your site ownership.

Some examples >>

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