Sleighs from Luvenga

Children’s sleigh

Vasily Ivanovich, a craftsman who specializes in sleighs, lives and works is in Luvenga. His material of choice is plywood reinforced with fiberglass.

Lapland sleigh, to be pulled by a reindeer or a horse, is in the process. The sleigh is like a boat and can easily be pulled through shallow water or across streams, unlike its Russian counterpart.

If I fail to replicate the trick I pulled in Moscow in the 90s and then in Staritsa, Tver region, in early 2000s, and there is no response to my attempt to attract travellers here I will seriously consider joining Vasily Ivanovich in making sleighs and boats.

Vasily speaks fluent German, has a car, and a lot of experience setting up “toughing it” type tours. Talk to me and I’ll put you in touch.



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