sofporogThere is a one of a kind “Museum of Things That Have Come Back to Life” in the Culture House of the village of Sofporog, Loukhi district, North Karelia.

Icons, furniture, spinning wheels, pre-war photos. Old mirrors still contain images of fashion-followers from before the last century. And a collection of Christmas tree decorations is still full of bubbling spark of the holidays. There is a special program for travellers. It includes an excursion, tea-drinking session with Karelian baking, and live performance of folk songs in Russian, Karelian, and Finnish languages, Karelian games and dances. img3

Each years in the first Sunday of July there is a “Fisherman’s day” holiday held in Sofporog (the Village of Sofporog, Culture House, tel. 8(81439)37656, 37633, +7(921)461-2675).

A 16 minute documentary about the village of Sofporog from Sampo TV >>

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