Some photos from the end of September trip to Kandalaksha by two American gents

These well capture the spirit of the place in late September. So I’m sharing almost the entire set..

At the Nature Reserve museum

At the Yacht Club parking lot looking down onto the Nature Reserve port and “Old Kandalaksha”

The Local History Museum, the WWII hall

The ubiquitous freshly painted Lenin by the City Hall

A T-34 tank on the newly renovated main square in front of the City Hall

The City Hall

On Volostnaya Hill overlooking the Kandalaksha Bay islands and the City of Kandalaksha

A monument to the “Old Kandalaksha” war dead

A typical decoration, made of old tires, in front of an apartment building

A chair by the DubleDom near the top of the hill

A hay-drying contraption by goat-keepers in Old Kandalaksha

A monument to the victims of Intervention to save the country from the Bolsheviks at the original cemetery in Old Kandalaksha

A Buddhist stupa at the turn to Apatity from the St. Petersburg to Murmansk highway. The stupa was erected by two local Buddhist entrepreneurs, and it is regularly sprayed with graffiti by presumably the Russian Orthodox.

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