Sredny and Rybachy Peninsula Nature Reserve

sredny-n-rybachyIt is in near plans, with “access for organized group tourists only”. Private travellers watch out as you may be kept out.. Lots of complaints floating around to the effect that the borders of the proposed reserve have been drawn in a manner that does not protect anything of value. In short, if planning a trip there don’t assume anything other than that a little local scandal is brewing.

rybachy-peninsulaPS. has recently published a series of photos of Rybachy that I recommend.


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Sredny and Rybachy Peninsula Nature Reserve — 2 Comments

  1. re: Sredny & Rybachy Nature Reserve
    It should be managed, and kept undisturbed, for wildlife only, with no humans allowed to enter. Declare it a strictly protected, closed, zapovednik.

    • Probably unrealistic given its popularity with travellers. Keeping hords of jeeps and quadrocycles out would be a good idea however. I confess I don’t know of all the intricacies involved into declaring the area an off-limit zone; all I wanted to share is those planning to go there should be aware something is happening that could keep you out.

      ..On consulting with ecologists: “Ecologists who’ve been studying the area for years don’t seem to think that a “zapovednik” (total off limits area) is required. They seem inclined towards allowing tourism but not business, eg. agriculture. At the moment the problem is that the national park has been set up but not within the recommended limits, with all the important objects left outside the park’s order. What’s more, the management of the territory has been given to a deer breeding company. The current territory protection regulations states “no unorganized tourism” in the area.”

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