Sredny and Rybachy Peninsula traveler access

Today, Monday, yet another official meeting supposed held about the situation around Sredny (“Middle”) and Rybachy (“Fishermen’s”). sredny_rybachy

The issue is that the area has in the last 3-5 years gained immense popularity among off-road tourists with their jeeps and quadros and other testosterone by-products and side effects. There is an increasingly serious talk about giving protected status to the territory to prevent further damage. The talk is of the sort that tends to result in action in even in this land, where the problem-discussion-decision-implementation cycle is notoriously long. 

Civilized travellers relax. You’ll still be able to get there as long as you stay on roads, camp in designated areas, burn fires to where they are supposed to be, and dispose of garbage in proper manner. As of the moment it is not yet decided whether there will be garbage collection points or visitors will be required to haul their stuff away. There may be a fee, mostly likely not large. No, there won’t be any dramatic restrictions to legitimate travellers unless I’m totally off in my perception of the situation but to me things seem to be developing as they should. This indeed appears to be a rare situation when the local government is approaching the situation in a proper and sensible way, and there is is a high degree of agreement between authorities and public organizations. The only dissidents I’ve seen appeared to be gentlemen with advanced senile dementia syndrome who just can’t grasp that the proposed restrictions will preserve resources and in no way keep them from hunting, fishing, collecting berries, or picking mushrooms.

The military too want a piece of Rybachy. At the moment there is no clear separation between “touristy” and “firing range” zones. I’ll certainly post any info that floats past me on the subject but my impression is Rybachy is moving towards the National Park type place.

A travelogue on Rybachi, in Russian >>

At a glance I didn’t see anything at all in English about giving protected status to Sredny and Rybachy. Lots of recent info in Russian if you do a полуостров+средний+рыбачий+создание+оопт search in  “ООПТ” stands for osobo/specially okhranyayemaya/protected prirodnaya/natural territoriya/territory, and that’s what you should use when looking for info on nature reserves, national parks, breeding grounds or other territories where human influence is controlled or nearly excluded.

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